As a child my family has had a variety of breeds, many rescues, along with
purebred dogs. We raised German shepherds in my teenage years and that
taught me the art of breeding. After leaving home I purchased my first
Redbone "Ruger", my heart dog and I credit him with my start on this
Growing up hunting and spending most of my time in the outdoors I was
exposed to coon hunting at a young age and I was hooked, so as soon as I
was on my own I had buy a hound of my very own. We purchased Holly a few
years after Ruger and they were my Redbone kennel foundation. Soon after
Holly I got into Conformation shows, starting with Coonhound Bench events
and haven't looked back since!
We moved to NY in 2011 and that gave me room to chase my dreams of
breeding and showing Redbones. In that time I became very active in the
Local UKC hound clubs and received my UKC Bench Show Judging
License.  In 2013 we decided to add Labradors into our home when my
husband wanted a dog of his own to hunt with, we purchased June Bug and
then have added a few more since then. Naturally I now show both breeds,
we also participate in other events and are Training to take part in more. The
hobby of competing with dogs is boundless, there are so many activities to
take part in!
Our dogs are an intricate part of our life, being part of our daily activities, and
in our home. I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with them daily and
not work a 9-5. Before any of our dogs are considered for our breeding
program we title our dogs, we only breed to improve the Breed as a whole
and feel that the dogs should prove their worthiness. In my mind all of my
dogs are the best dogs, but when you love something that much it gets hard
to be fully subjective, this is why we show and get the opinion of others.
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