GRCH CCH PR' Rimfire's Looking For Trouble
Trouble is the product of our first litter between Ruger and Holly. He was a spitfire from the
beginning and gained his name as soon as he started walking. His antics within the litter
and his big personality took over our hearts quickly and he was the keeper.
Trouble is a great dog and passes many strong traits to his offspring, you can just spot a
Trouble puppy in a crowd. His dark color, head, nice bone, beautiful tenor voice are some
of his best features. He is a balanced moving dog with a solid topline and showy attitude,
his puppies also seem to gain these traits, as he has sired many Champions. Trouble has
good nose and an independent mind these traits have produced some nice bear dogs and
pleasure hunting Coonhounds.
Trouble with his daughter Luna
TOP- Penny
Right- Ruby
Left- Rosie litter 2015
Bottom Right- Gunny
Bottom Middle- Beau