We started our adventure in Labradors in 2013 and it has just gotten better  and
better. Our first Labrador was purchased as a hunting dog , we fell in love with
the breed and just had to have more! I purchased my 1st conformation Lab later
that year.Since then we have competed in many events and gained a few titles,
working on a few more.
Here at Rimfire we have Black and Chocolate Labradors, we register our dogs
with both the UKC and AKC and compete in both registries events.
Our Labradors are bred to the breed standard all while keeping there work ethic
and great temperaments intact. All of our dogs are fully health tested along with
Dilute gene free. We believe there are only 3 true colors of Labrador, Black,
Yellow, Chocolate.
What is a Breed Standard?
It is a picture in words that describes each breed
of a registered dog. For all licensed breed shows,
the Kennel Club Breed Standards must be used
for the judging of dogs. The judges read the
standard and, form a picture in their mind of an
ideal dog. When we plan a breeding our goal is to
have a puppy born with all of the attributes listed
in the breed standard.
Here are the breed standards for both registries
we use.